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Valsartan is a medication used to regulate those with high blood pressure that was recalled from the worldwide market in 2018. Products containing valsartan were recalled because certain impurities in the pills were found to be carcinogenic.

Valsartan has been sold under various brand names such as Amlodipine, Azilsartan, Byvalson, Candesartan, Diovan, Entresto, Eposartan, Exforge, Irbesartan, Losartan, Olmesartan, Prexxartan, Telmisartan.

Valsartan History

Valsartan was first introduced to the consumer market in 1996 by Novartis, which originally developed the drug. After the patent was lost, many other companies began manufacturing it in their own generic formulations.

For those with high blood pressure, the blood vessels often narrow and become restricted due to a chemical presence of angiotensin. Valsartan does the opposite; it blocks the chemical restrictor which then allows the blood vessels to remain open and relaxed.

High blood pressure causes the heart to work overtime. This can cause a variety of secondary health complications such as stroke, heart attack, kidney or heart disease. Many people rely on valsartan-type products to keep their heart functioning at a normal pace.

Valsartan Side Effects and Human Carcinogen Detected

Some of the reported side effects of Valsartan have been dizziness, headache, and nausea. There have been some reported allergic reactions as well. Pregnant women, those with a history of kidney, liver, heart disease, or dehydration are not advised to take valsartan products.

The problem with some valsartan products is certain manufacturing facilities introduced the pills to high levels of a human carcinogen known as N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). Due to this issue, 22 other countries issued a recall as well.

The Food and Drug Administration provided a list of companies that manufactured valsartan with high levels of NMDA, however the entire list can be accessed here.

  • Bryant Ranch Prepack Inc.
  • H. J. Harkins Company Inc.
  • Lake Erie Medical, doing business as Quality Care Products LLC
  • NuCare Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Northwind Pharmaceuticals
  • Proficient Rx
  • Camber Pharmaceuticals (not all its valsartan products)
  • Major Pharmaceuticals (Teva Pharmaceuticals USA)
  • Solco Healthcare (Prinson Pharmaceuticals
  • Actavis (Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.)

Filing a valsartan lawsuit

You may have a valsartan lawsuit if you have been taking the medication that was contaminated with NMDA. It would be important to find a lawyer who is experienced in taking on pharmaceutical companies. Many people find the task daunting, but with the right lawyer, you shouldn’t have to worry too much.