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AndroGel is a type of hormone used for increasing low testosterone levels in men that has been linked to causing serious cardiovascular side effects and more.

It’s one of many forms of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) that has been used since the 1930s. TRT can be administered at home via patches, injections, or gels.

AndroGel is the topical gel version that comes in a pump and meant to be applied on clean, dry shoulders or upper arms. It can sometimes be applied to the stomach area as well. AndroGel was first approved in 2000 to treat hypogonadism, a testosterone deficiency that can occur from a genetic defect, illness, or trauma.

AndroGel is manufactured by AbbVie, a major brand-name pharmaceutical company. AbbVie has been responsible for conducting aggressive marketing tactics to increase sales of its product. That sounds about normal, so what’s the problem?

These marketing campaigns by AbbVie failed to address the increased risk of heart attack, liver disease, stroke, blood clots, pulmonary embolism, transient ischemic attacks (TIA), and sudden death. Some of these side effects are more prevalent in older individuals as well.

Many men have been prescribed AndroGel to treat hypogonadism, unknowingly being subjected to side effects their doctors may not have even known about.

Furthermore, many of AbbVie’s marketing tactics included suggestive messaging that AndroGel could increase one’s sex drive, which has yet to be effective with testosterone.

There have been over 4,200 lawsuits filed by men across the country seeking justice for the injuries they experienced while taking AndroGel. Many of them were prescribed AndroGel by their doctors under the assumption it could treat off-label conditions such as fatigue or increased body fat.

Furthermore, AndroGel is not the only testosterone replacement therapy drug on the market that has been responsible for causing severe side effects.

Actavis, the manufacturer of Androderm; Endo International (a subsidiary of Auxilium Pharmaceuticals), the manufacturer of Testim; Eli Lilly, manufacturer of Axiron, have all been embedded with lawsuits from men claiming the same complications as AndroGel.

If you or a male in your life has been injured by AndroGel or any of the above mentioned testosterone replacement therapies, it’s important to find a law firm skilled in the area of drug injuries. Many people have been able to seek financial compensation by filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of medications that caused them serious health complications.